Drawing with the right side of the brain


“It would be so great to draw. I always liked art, but not all of course, but graphite and charcoal drawings were fascinating. Just love the black and the white combination as it’s so simple but expresses everthing, harmony, light, feeling, temperature, place, season, taste, warmth, cold, etc. Just name it.
It gives everything, you don’t need anythinge else, no stress, no confusion, perfect combination. Just check traditional arts or even in our era you find awesome examples, like the work of J D Hillberry. Just great.
I wish I would be able to do the same. I was on the good way, when I was in the school. Ok I wasn’t the best, far from it, specially in the collage. If I think about it in more details, I wasn’t good at all compare to others, but at least I have great basic.
A long time ago I have seen some advertisement about drawing with the right side of the brain, or something like that. I should search for it, maybe I can find something useful, who knows. I can try. I mean what can I lose, maybe I would learn something. Living alone, having a lot of free time, the weather is not great at all… let’s search for i.
So… what was it? Right side of the brain? Ok. It looks good. Drawing with right side of the brain? Ok here we go there is a book.
Betty Edwards? Well, well, well… looks promiseful. What if I check it out?”

Yes, I tried and I was amazed by the result. If you follow the instructions of the book, or you can even find some youtube channel for it… Now I tried to find what I have followed besides the book, but unfortunately cannot. Sorry.
Anyway. The story in short. There are a lot if excercises in the book, some of them looks funny, but please do them all. They all have some meanings, just don’t question anything. You’ll be there.
I just want to show the result, after a couple of weeks of following the instruction, I got this.ID

I guess it doesn’t require any explanation.

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