Fly above us

She was working already for seven and half years.


Being a flight attendant wasn’t her childhood dream, rather than a need. She liked her job, it was simple and easy but there were no more challanges for her. The unscheduled lifestyle, the sacrifices she has done, the wake ups in the middle of the night, the jetlag that was the oart of her life… she hated it so much, but to be honest who would like it. Don’t blame, don’t judge! All in all we can say she was experienced and knew her tasks, duties from A to Z and still liked it.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“No surprise! I’ve seen everything, even some emergency situation! Another day in the paradise!” She thought when passed through the aisle of the Boeing 777 preparing for the safety demo on their flight to Europe. Usual day, routine task.

“I’m saying you should check what she does. It might be important!” She heard someone was speaking on her mother tounge. She was happy. “Finally I can speak to some people on my own language. I didn’t use it for a couple of months except talking to my mother. 8 hours flight, I can speak to these people a lot… or maybe not!” She thought and changed her mind immediately when heard the husband’s answer.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Who cares? She is just a flight attendant!”
“Well, it’s the safety demo. It might be important.” The wife said.


“Yeh, yeh… do you really believe this belt can protect us from an accident. Really. Or this oxygen mask? If we start to use we suck out the air and the aircraft cannot fly. I mean… Or look at that. Life jacket? Seriously. For how long time could it keep us on the water. Ah. Whatever. Yes just turn away, no problem, you don’t listen to me.” He commented when his wife turned her head and checked the palm trees besides the airport. She strated to think about how they changed. Their life was so amazing when they moved here, they settled down in this paradise and everything was great until the catastrophy…


“Nobody listen to me…” She heard one more time her husband’s complain. He used to be a nice man, but now he was furious. Understable, this flight…


“Yes sir. I’m listening!” She shocked them talking to them on their language suddenly pulling back the wife from her thought and causing real embarrasment to the husband. She was satisfied.

The wife OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAstarted to sarcastically laugh, felt a bit of satisfaction. “Well, about the belt. It doesn’t protect you against crash, but it keeps your body on the seat, they can easier find you. The oxygen through the mask is generated by a compressor, and it doesn’t have a connection with flying. And the life jacket? Well it keeps you on the surface of the water even after your body has coolen down. So. They are useful!” She felt proud and happy. The husband couldn’t say anything, he just had tears coming out, but not because of shame or embarrasment and she immediately realized something was wrong. Her pride disappeared in no time, lost the battle but didn’t know how.
“Oh, I’m sorry if I said something…” She said, then the wife turned to her.
“Darling, it’s fine. Sorry what we said before, but you know, five years ago, our son, he was 19, was on this flight going to visit his grandparents, and well… probably he didn’t fasten himself as after the crash they didn’t find his body.”


“I’m sorry…” She said only that looking for more words, but what could she say in a situation like this? No more words left her lips anymore, just started to sob and assumed she shouldn’t judge anybody without knowing the background.

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