Fun – Drawings (Szórakozás – Rajzolás)

How did it start? 20080131201125617_0003I have no idea, cannot really remember, it was so long time ago.20080131201125617_0002
Hogyan kezdődött? Fogalmam sincs, nem nagyon tudok rá emlékezni, olyan rég történt.20080131201125617_0001

When I was a kid, my parents bought me a lot of colouring books about Hungarian history… I remember I loved them all. 0502_002They were nice, all about our national heroes, the allways winning kings and battles. They looked good, but after I touched them with my pencils to colour them, they ended up being terrible. Couldn’t follow the lines, didn’t find the shades, nothing artistic… C’mon I was a kid I just had some fun.
IMG_0622Amikor kissrác voltam, a szüleim vettek mindenféle szinezős könyveket a Magyar történelemmel kapcsolatban… Emlékszem mennyire szerettem őket.0502_001 Gyönyörűek voltak, a nemzeti hőseinkről, a mindig győztes királyokról, csatákról. Jól néztek ki, de miután hozzájuk nyúltam a ceruzáimmal, hogy kiszinezzem őket, csúnya végük lett. Nem tudtam követni a vonalakat, nem találtam meg a kellő árnyalatokat, semmi művésziesség… Ugyanmár, csak egy kölyök voltam és jót szórakoztam.IMG_0629

Later in the school, I realized, I can draw… sometimes. It was a bit weird… I mean it never happened when I really wanted. Maybe the subject, maybe the teacher, maybe the time of the day… IMG_0626Somehow I couldn’t find my way to make awesome drawings everytime when it was necessary… No, it happened only when I had some fun.
IMG_0625Később az iskolában rájöttem, hogy tudok rajzolni… néha. Furcsa volt egy kicsit… értem ezalatt, hogy nem mindig történt az amit szerettem volna. Talán a téma, talán a tanár, talán a napszak… IMG_0624Valahogy nem tudtam megtalálni a módszert arra, hogy mindig akkor tudjak gyönyörű rajzokat készíteni, amikor kell… Nem, ez csak akkor történt meg, amikor jól szorakoztam.
firstaDuring the university I’ve heard first time in my life about the right side of the brain and how to use it. 2014. 04. 26. Copy of Tautropfen from Zeichnen magasinOf course I never believed in it I thought it’s some misterious bullshit and didn’t even want to try. Man! You should have been more open-minded. 🙂 But sometimes I could find some fun in drawings.
IMG_0767IMG_0771IMG_0764Az egyetemi évek alatt hallottam először a jobb agyféltekéről és annak használatáról. Természetesen sose hittem benne, azt gondoltam, hogy ez valami misztikus szarság és ki se akartam próbálni. Kaunas church-2Ember! Sokkal nyitottabbnak kellett volna lenned. 🙂 De azért néha jót szórakoztam.IMG_2507The rose
A few years after my studies, when my job and my life wasn’t so busy I downloaded a book about usage of the right side of the brain. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. Maybe I got to be interested, wanted to know a bit more, I changed, and got to be open minded… you know… finding your identity, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs… try to find the self actualization… and then I got a lot of fun.IMG_3540
IMG_2658Néhány évvel  a tanulmányaim után, amikor se a munkám se az életem nem volt túl nyüzsgő, letöltöttem egy könyvet az agy jobbféltekének a használatáról. Ne kérdezd miért, fogalmam sincs. IMG_2516Talán csak érdeklődésképp, egy kicsit többet akartam tudni, megváltoztam, megnyíltam… IMG_2511Identitástudat keresés. Maslow szükséglethierarchiája… Megtalálni az önmegvalósítást… és ezekután szórakoztam csak igazán.P1020548 (2)
IMG_2355Now? I’m married and I have two beautiful children, a dog and a ferret, IMG_2354I still do krav maga, make this blog, enjoying photography, and writing, have my job, time to time do some woodworking, plan my future and try to find the way of life… again Maslow! 😉 And I don’t draw anymore, but I still have a lot of fun, but in a different way!
IMG_2350Most? Nős vagyok, van két gyönyörű gyermekem, egy kutyám, egy vadászgörényem, még mindig edzek krav maga-t, dolgozom ezen a blogon,IMG_1977 szeretek fényképezni, írni, van egy munkám, néha asztaloskodom, tervezem a jövőmet és megpróbálom megtalálni az élet értelmét… Na megint csak ez a Maslow! :) IMG_2243És, már nem rajzolok, de még mindig sokat szórakozom, csak másképp.
IMG_2245Maybe sometimes in the future I’ll draw again and try to do my best with it. You must find what you love to do. IMG_2016It’s you, and your life. If you want to try something (I don’t talk about illegal stuffs and something that harms you in any way), you must do it. It is only in your brain, that you cannot. You can reach your highest peak and you should do it. Don’t waste your life. IMG_1128I wanted to make awesome drawings and I did it. I want to make beautiful photographs, IMG_1127I want to teach krav maga, I want to be independent economically, but most important I want to raise my children in a good way, and nobody can tell me I cannot. IMG_1125I just have to work hard and have fun, that’s the key for the whole thing.
Talán a jövőben megint fogok rajzolni és megpróbálom a legjobbat kihozni magamból. mindig meg kell találni azt amit szeretsz. IMG_0898Ez te vagy és ez a te életed. Ha szeretnél valamit kipróbálni (na most nem illegális, vagy olyan dolgokról beszélek, melyek ártalmasak), tedd meg. Clouds studyEz csak a fejedben létezik, hogy nem tudod. El tudod érni a maximumot és meg kell próbálnod elérni azt. De pazarold az életedet. IMG_0872Én meg akartam tanulni gyönyörű rajzokat készíteni és meg is tanultam. IMG_0871Szép fényképeket akarok készíteni, szeretnék krav maga oktató lenni, szeretnék anyagilag független lenni, de a legfontosabb szeretném jól felnevelni a gyermekeimet és senki se mondhatja nekem, hogy nem tudom. IMG_0874Csak keményen kell dolgoznom és szórakoznom, ez a kulcsa az egésznek.

Drawing with the right side of the brain


“It would be so great to draw. I always liked art, but not all of course, but graphite and charcoal drawings were fascinating. Just love the black and the white combination as it’s so simple but expresses everthing, harmony, light, feeling, temperature, place, season, taste, warmth, cold, etc. Just name it.
It gives everything, you don’t need anythinge else, no stress, no confusion, perfect combination. Just check traditional arts or even in our era you find awesome examples, like the work of J D Hillberry. Just great.
I wish I would be able to do the same. I was on the good way, when I was in the school. Ok I wasn’t the best, far from it, specially in the collage. If I think about it in more details, I wasn’t good at all compare to others, but at least I have great basic.
A long time ago I have seen some advertisement about drawing with the right side of the brain, or something like that. I should search for it, maybe I can find something useful, who knows. I can try. I mean what can I lose, maybe I would learn something. Living alone, having a lot of free time, the weather is not great at all… let’s search for i.
So… what was it? Right side of the brain? Ok. It looks good. Drawing with right side of the brain? Ok here we go there is a book.
Betty Edwards? Well, well, well… looks promiseful. What if I check it out?”

Yes, I tried and I was amazed by the result. If you follow the instructions of the book, or you can even find some youtube channel for it… Now I tried to find what I have followed besides the book, but unfortunately cannot. Sorry.
Anyway. The story in short. There are a lot if excercises in the book, some of them looks funny, but please do them all. They all have some meanings, just don’t question anything. You’ll be there.
I just want to show the result, after a couple of weeks of following the instruction, I got this.ID

I guess it doesn’t require any explanation.

Trakai castle

Trakai 1 - Trakai 2-2
They were preparing for the big day. The last final one. It was a long time ago, when Kestutis has made the decision to make a new home, expressing his power and his greatness. A place that can give protection for the locals and for his family and his son.
It was one of his big dream, but sometimes turned to be a nightmare. It was destroyed so many times even after them. Them… Kestutis, Jogaila, Vytautas… Vytautas, who was already the ruler for seventeen years when they finally finished it. The big day! They finished that it would stand here forever, reserving the moment, the history, the reality. They finished it at the first time. They wrote 1409.
Sigismund! He brought in the renessance between the walls, made a lot of change, and for what? That later it could serve as a summer residence or a prison, Man! This building has seen so many nice years before. Soldiers, pleasants, love makers, romantic historical moments, and they just let it to fall apart.
Fall apart, that they could renovate again by the Imperial Russia just show the power! But at least it gained back the previous pride. People were interested, she could show her beauty, man loved her because her organised life, woman envied the shape of her body. She was georgeos once more, but the second big war came. Very sad time, a lot of suffering, death, blod… Better not to talk about it, you name it, she has seen it.
They were preparing for the big day. The last final one. It was a long time ago, when Kestutis has made the decision to make a new home, expressing his power and his greatness. A long time ago. 1961. Finally she was finished and got to be a tourist attraction with children, man and woman walking on her pavements, checking her walls, her historical memories… On every day, but she is proud, she can show what she got..
“They all love me!” She says and she is happy! “Look at that, this guy, he takes a picture at me and prepares an easel. Takes out some pencil and charcoal… I’m going to be recorded as an artistic subject! So exciting!” She talked to Peter, who just drawn her and enjoyed the company. It was 2014 and finally they met. She had to wait six hundred years for him, but it was worse it.

Copy of "Japanischer Tea garten" from "Lust am Zeichnen" magazine

Listen my friend! Is it from San Francisco?”Copy of Japanischer teagarten from Zeichnen magazine
“No! Lust um Zeichnen!”
“What? Where? I have no idea where it is…”
“It is not…”
“Nevermind! Forget it it’s beautiful. Even if it’s somewhere in Germany…”
“Ok, then Austria, Whatever! I like it. Lust von Wunderplatz. Fantastic. How you made the charcoal blent together, it really shows the awesomenes of a Japanese tea garden. Honestly it reminds me to San Francisco. You know the Golden Gate park…”
“No! Not really! I don’t know it. Never been there!” He was already smiling as he knew it’s impossible to stop his friend now. He is going to give a lecture and proudly shows his knowledge. But just let him to speak, in this way in the end it’s going to be even a bigger fun to tell him what it is all about. You climb higher bigger chance to fall. He could have avoid it letting him to finish the explanaition of the drawing. But not! So, here we are.
“So, yes. I have been there a couple of years ago, when I did that roadtrip in the USA. It was awesome. On the fifth or sixth day we went to San Francisco, checking the bridge, and the city, and of course the park. If you wouldn’t say it’s from somewhere else, I would be really sure this drawing is about the oldest Japanese garden in the states. Three acres with sculptures, objects, plants all over, just beautiful, I’m telling you! Some Japanese guy made it in the end of the XIX century. He knew what he was doing, of course, he was Japanese. There are lot of things in it, pagoda, tea house, bridge, trees, water, rocks, whatever you just wish, and of course everything is in harmony. Just great, really great. And my friend you nailed it very much. Even that it’s in black and white and charcoal, it’s giving back the feeling what I had there. It calls back the memories. What did you say, where is it exactly? Loft in Hof, Shosch, Gosh, Bosch?”
“Lust um Zeichnen!”
“Ah yes, that one!”
“Aham… Yes, that one… My God! Man! It’s the title of a german magazine about drawings. I just copied it from one of their issue. Very simple, just followed the steps. They didn’t write if it’s from San Francisco or not, but honestly I don’t care at all, I just made it. Good practice!”
“Yes… Lust um San Francisco then!” He laughed, slapped his friend’s back and drunk their cup of tea. The feeling was already there.

Lust um Zeichnen