Daddy, make a slide for us! Apu, készíts nekünk egy csúszdát!

Where there is little talent, some wood, love, machines, idea, ability to plan, practice, a daddy and two children, some small place, a loving wife, a balcony where it’s possible to work, a small metal ladder, a little amount of time, willingness, playfull instinct and…
Only and only in a case like this a daddy can make a slide for their children.

Ahol van egy kis tehetség, fa, szeretet, gép, ötlet, tervezőképesség, gyakorlat, egy apa és két gyermek, egy kis hely, egy szerető feleség, egy erkély ahol lehet dolgozni, egy kis fém létra, egy kis szabadidő, akarat, játékra való hajlam és…
Csak és kizárólag egy ilyen esetben képes egy apa elkészíteni egy csúszdát a gyermekeinek.

Wall mounted coat rack

“Good morning guys! Did you sleep well?”8B98190E-0982-4BDC-95B5-D98E05E76C2A
“It was great.”
“A bit long, but I’m fine.”
“Yes… long time. Does anybody know what time it is?”
“Do you mean, what year it is?”
“Year?! Do you want to tell us, that we slept so much. A year.”
“I think more than that. Look at this guy, his jumper and the T-shirt. It’s deffiniately not 1983 anymore. Look at him, how he moves, what he wears, he is so energetic and young.”
“Yep, he just grabbs the stuffs and through them out so easily. Look, that window is open and he cleans out the attic.”
“It’s nice, but…”C1DFDFFB-C7EB-456F-BCC3-636F547D08BA
“Oh no!”
“I’m afraid you’re right!”
“The next is us, we are going to flyyyyy!”
“Keep yourself brothers, fasten your belt!”
“Now what? What is going on? Why are we still in his hands? He is analysing us. Guys! Check his face expression. Does any of you  understand his language?”
“Not me!”A5FEB111-569C-4600-AEDB-2735ABBC3E48
“For sure not, it’s a strange language what he uses!”
“Look, there is a girl… oooooh! She just arrived.”
“They are kissing, they are kissing, THEY ARE KISSING!”
“Maybe we can see something more interesting, than that. What do you think?”
“Again, this subject. You really miss something from your life, idiot! The life is not only about sex and porn and erotics!”
“Of course not… c’mon than what?”
“Don’t talk about this now, listen what they are talking. I guess the guy has some idea with us.
“Whatever, we don’t understand it!”8AEC0B6A-7B69-4534-957E-D74D01A6DF21
“He talks about us! Check his body language!”
“Guys! Sorry to bother you, but my neighbor… He didn’t make it during the years. The guy just pointed out now, he is broken. Probably something fall on him.”
“Poor guy! He was a nice company!”
“Yes, indeed! He’ll be missed a lot!”
“Hey, look! The girl leaves!”
“And the guy? I can’t see him.”
“He comes back, there is something in his hand…”
“Guys! I think it is a…”
“You’re right, I’m affraid it is that, exactly!”2660C106-C572-42BE-8619-5130A831EF63
“And he start to cut our board. My God! We’ll be separated forever or even worse…”
“We end up being a firewood. My mother used to tell me a lot that I end up in the hell!”
“Ok, I guess that’s it. It was a pleasure to work with you my friends. See you on the other side!”
“Wait a second! What is this? It’s not a furnice.”
“No, it’s a paperbox. We got to be stored.”
“They keep us here while they make the fire.”
“Don’t be so negative, I don’t think it’s the main reason why we are here.”
“I agree! If we would be burnt it would have been already done.”
“Wait! Listen! I hear the guy again. He is working on something.”
“Yes, using his murdering tools.”
“No… listen. It’s something else, not a saw anymore. It smells like a varnish.”
“Could it mean, really, that…”
“Yeees! We start a new life now. We can fully function as a wall mounted coat hanger again. Awesome!”589DA9ED-12F2-4FD1-AF3F-04EDA91939C1
“Oh, yes! I like it. He made something awesome. Check out the board! He made it from pine, but put a dark oak coating in three layers, just to match with us. He even used the corner elements as well and made the shelves and the main frames in a similar way how it was before. I really like his style. Great job. We even got an extra light as a nice design element. Fantastic. I love it. I guess we can carry a lot of coats, scarves, jackets, dog collars, hats, gloves… Did I forget something to mention?

Gyenesdiás Festetics lookout tower (Gyenesdiás Festetics kilátó)

You get an idea, you want to create something awesome, something fabulous, great, unbelievable. The reason? Nothing serious, just for fun. You want to show your ability, not to others, but to yourself. In our case additionally it was a school project, but it might be a present for someone, a creative usage of your free time, it could be anything… Makettkiállítás 025It is all the same. The process is more important, than the result. You just want to make it, work on it, have fun. It’s not about the financial support of your family. It doesn’t depend on this, it’s not about money, you don’t get extra cash, maybe you even make some loss, as it might cost a few bucks. But… And this “but” is the main point, you can be proud of it in the rest of your life. Makettkiállítás 024That’s the future and today it’s your hobby, the thing you want to do. This is what I’m talking about.
Do you remember when we were in the university we did a subject together… what was the name?”
“Architectural modelling and photography?”
“Oh yes, that one! My friend I really loved what you made then. Me? I came up with the idea of making our own family house, I know… not really an interesting project. But you? You made a big surprise. How did you say it? The project is simple. There is a nice lookout tower in Gyenesdiás not so far from the Balaton on the top of a hill. The view is just amazing. I really like it. Why did I choose to make it? Well… I have a woodworking background, and I was always amaized by carpentry and this exceptional example of the industry is just fascinating. I already made some drawings about the construction, measured it properly almost every detail of it and I decided to make everything as much as I can including the proper joints and special connections as it is in the real life. It might take some time, to make it, but I believe it is possible. It’s not going to be something huge, but a little quite modell. The main material is going to be balsa wood so it can be made quickly, precisely and as the original construction is made from wood it’s not going to make confusion at all. Of course I’m not going to make metal elements in the roject, it might be too small for it, but the main point would be to give back the reality as much as possible. The terrain is going to be made from layers of cork, easy and simple, not so cheap, but would be just fine. I still have some details to think about, but all in all I feel I’m ready to take this challange, and looking forward to enjoy it very much”
And here we go, at the end of the semester you made it. How many hours? You said, what… 80? That, my friend is 10 days of working and it was only the making process, cutting each piece with a knife, sand all the elements, make all the joints, test, then glue them to each other… 80 hours… and the rest of the process? How long time did it take to go to the scene, measure the tower, make drawings, think about the process and so on and so on and so on…
100_0465Did it worth?”
“Hell yeah!” You say. “The process, the proof of my ability, the joy of the time I spent to make it, the memory. All included whenever I look at it. It’s probably the main point of a hobby.100_0464







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