Fly above us

“Bip-bip-bip!” OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s your alarm. Again. 3 am, and it wakes you up… again. You switch immediately, you must be quick, your family still sleeps, your husband besides you, the daughters in the other room, you must push that damn button very quickly.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s done! Great! Everybody continued to sleep, only your german sheppard woke up… and… he’s coming… yep… your face is full of dog saliva. And you are still in the bed.

You have no idea how and how long did it take, but you managed the shower. The hot water on your face removed your pet’s leftovers, but your mood is still the same. Well in the middle of the night, who would like to be happy? Ah, those people. Maybe, they would be… Could it be? Well, they go to holiday, they must be happy. Just think about them… otherwise when did you have your holiday last time?

Make up? Done! Vitamins? Took! Rex ou? Done! Now it was only for ten minutes walk but he managed every serious things… check in their own dog social network, used some outside toilet, got every local news about last night… he looks happy at least.

Finally you tasted your favorite black poison. Driving to your job at this time of the morning, when there is nobody… not even a bit depressing. Your coffee is the best friend now for sure and the usual old song that you really liked when you were youg, not that you would be old now, but to be honest, you are not twenty anymore, you are a wife and a mother for three girls. So what about the song? You know that one, which was all about how many times you saw the city to wake up and believed it was worse to do whatever you do, because you have your final goal and dream and you have to make sacrifices for it… yes, exactly that one… think about it… Does it really worse it? Whatever… you see, you just arrived.

You made it, but your mood is still like a… like a… like a… Do you remember what your dog did in the bush 30 min ago…Exactly, now it is cold and stinky. Get another coffee darling! The young guy in the cafeteria likes you, his smile could cheer you up a bit. Yes… you see… that’s what I’m talking about. You smile the second time today, not bad! The first time? It was when you gave a “Good bye- kiss” to your children and husband. It’s allways a “Good bye- kiss”, not only a simple one as you know deeply in your heart it could be the last kiss in your life, so it always must be a special one.

You think about it for a second when you pass the door, start to work, but you have to move on, because you see them coming. They are almost here, you must look perfect, you have to smile and show you are happy and confident and of course you must say to everyone:

“Good morning! Welcome on board, have a nice flight!”