Copy of "Japanischer Tea garten" from "Lust am Zeichnen" magazine

Listen my friend! Is it from San Francisco?”Copy of Japanischer teagarten from Zeichnen magazine
“No! Lust um Zeichnen!”
“What? Where? I have no idea where it is…”
“It is not…”
“Nevermind! Forget it it’s beautiful. Even if it’s somewhere in Germany…”
“Ok, then Austria, Whatever! I like it. Lust von Wunderplatz. Fantastic. How you made the charcoal blent together, it really shows the awesomenes of a Japanese tea garden. Honestly it reminds me to San Francisco. You know the Golden Gate park…”
“No! Not really! I don’t know it. Never been there!” He was already smiling as he knew it’s impossible to stop his friend now. He is going to give a lecture and proudly shows his knowledge. But just let him to speak, in this way in the end it’s going to be even a bigger fun to tell him what it is all about. You climb higher bigger chance to fall. He could have avoid it letting him to finish the explanaition of the drawing. But not! So, here we are.
“So, yes. I have been there a couple of years ago, when I did that roadtrip in the USA. It was awesome. On the fifth or sixth day we went to San Francisco, checking the bridge, and the city, and of course the park. If you wouldn’t say it’s from somewhere else, I would be really sure this drawing is about the oldest Japanese garden in the states. Three acres with sculptures, objects, plants all over, just beautiful, I’m telling you! Some Japanese guy made it in the end of the XIX century. He knew what he was doing, of course, he was Japanese. There are lot of things in it, pagoda, tea house, bridge, trees, water, rocks, whatever you just wish, and of course everything is in harmony. Just great, really great. And my friend you nailed it very much. Even that it’s in black and white and charcoal, it’s giving back the feeling what I had there. It calls back the memories. What did you say, where is it exactly? Loft in Hof, Shosch, Gosh, Bosch?”
“Lust um Zeichnen!”
“Ah yes, that one!”
“Aham… Yes, that one… My God! Man! It’s the title of a german magazine about drawings. I just copied it from one of their issue. Very simple, just followed the steps. They didn’t write if it’s from San Francisco or not, but honestly I don’t care at all, I just made it. Good practice!”
“Yes… Lust um San Francisco then!” He laughed, slapped his friend’s back and drunk their cup of tea. The feeling was already there.

Lust um Zeichnen